Read : Kagura Dance in Japan
By Gabi Greve

In many Japanese Kagura Dances, the Dragon/Snake Yamata no Orochi is defeated by the Gods.


Iwami Kagura 石見神楽

As a result of the evil deeds of her brother Susano-wo, the sun-goddess Amaterasu-omikami hid herself in the Cave of Heaven.
Susano, having been chased from Heaven, wandered across the continent of China until he crossed into the land of Izumo (modern Shimane prefecture) and came to the River Hi, where he met Princess Inada and an old couple wailing and lamenting.

When Susano asked why they were so upset, he was told that every year the terrible eight-headed serpent Yamata-no-Orochi appeared, and that it had already devoured seven of their daughters and would soon come to take their remaining child, Princess Inada. Susano soon formulated a plan and made the Orochi drink some poisoned sake brewed from various nuts, and then killed it whilst it was drunk.

He then recovered from the monster’s tail a sword that he named Ame-no-murakumo-no-tsurugi (Treasure Sword of Heaven) and presented it to his sister Amaterasu.
He then married Princess Inada.

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Daruma Museum, Japan

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