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Kenninji-Temple ceiling painting
"Sooryuuzu (Twin dragon painting)"

建仁寺の双龍図 Kennin-Ji Souryuuzu

Completed ceiling painting "Soryuzu" and the painter Junsaku Koizumi = center

Kenninji-temple's "Sooryuuzu", a painting of twin dragons is completed and exhibited to the public from 15th at Kenninji-temple in Higashiyamaku-district, Kyoto city.

The painting is 11.4 meter in longth and 15.7 meter in width, which is about 108-tatami mat-size. It depicts two fire-breathing dragons in the clouds Japanese-style painting painter, Junsaku Koizumi (77 years old) worked on that by the request from the temple.

Dragon is supposed to protect orders, so it is often pictured on the ceiling of Zen sect temples. But among 7 Rinzaishu temples, only Kenninji-temple hadn't had the picture. As a commemorational event of 800th year anniversary, the project was embarked.

Mr.Koizumi said, "I've put all my techniques in the picture. I really appreciate the opportunity to work on this historical painting, and I'm really lucky to have the opportunity as a painter." Masaaki Uematsu, Kenninji's administrative president was excited about the completion, "It looks as if the dragons have been here for more than hundreds of years."


Daruma Museum, Japan

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