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White Dragon Pond

located at Xishan village, on the west end of Siming Mountain.

Start off from the village, trace the brook upwards to Yixia Valley. Cliffy rocks lift on both sides with flushing flow at the bottom of gully, scattered with several puddles, big or small, deep or shallow. The stone ahead gets in the way. Go round the brook, the deep pool at the end is White Dragon Pool. The pool is narrow and deep with three stone sides covered with liana, where you may find yourself in a grotto.

A fall breaks the crack and drop down, like a white dragon.

It originates from Ganzhu Mount, runs through mountains, conjoins water from Yangtian Lake or other lakes and eventually fall into deep gully, round and round. The roaring fall drive your heat, leaving you feel refresh and cool. Water in pool is limpid, allowing you to clearly view the scree and fish at the bottom.

There are two ways to White Dragon Pool:
start from Yangtian Lake, down westward along the valley, for about 3 li. It is a hard way due to cliffy steps. You may choose to go along the road for tens kilometres. But on the way, you can visit Stone Monk, Water-dropping Rock, and other scenic spots, killing two birds at one stone.


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