Donryu Storm Dragon

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Donryuu Shoonin 呑龍上人
Saint Donryu - Storm Dragon

(1556 - 1623) Ota Donryu 太田呑竜
(June 2, 1556 - September 3, 1623)

Founder of temple Horyu-Ji
宝龍寺 - 栃木県佐野市大祝町
Tochigi prefecture

He was a monk of the Jodo sect of Buddhism (Pure Land Sect).
He was the first abbot of temple 大光院 in Ota , by order of Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1613, and later founded many more temples.
He was against abortion and took the unwanted babies to his temple to raise them.
People come here to pray for easy birth and healthy children, as he is called
kosodate Donryu 子育て呑竜, Donryu who brings up children.

Donryuu Ki 呑龍忌 (どんりゅうき) Donryu Memorial Day

observance kigo for mid-autumn
August 9. (present day September 9.)
弘治2年4月23日(1556年6月2日) - 元和9年8月9日(1623年9月3日)
The dates vary.

Procession of Children

sangefuda 散華札 Blossom Amulets for his memorial day

More photos from the celebrations
kaisanki 開山忌 Memorial Day of the Temple Founder
source : miyossy47

Donryuu Yookan 呑龍羊羹 Donryu Yokan sweets
Made by hand and are only sold on the three days around his memorial day to bring good luck.

. Jelly Bean Cake (mizu-yookan 水羊羹) .

. Memorial Days for Autumn .


The Nakajima Ki-49 Donryu (中島 キ-49 呑龍)
("Storm Dragon")

was a Japanese medium bomber of World War II.
source : wn.com/nakajima_ki

Donryu Jizo Great Bodhisattva
statue at Engakuji in Kamakura

Donryu Type 100 bombers
soared through the skies of the Far East. During battle in the Philippines, the Donryu made a number of bombing attacks at Leyte and Mindoro. Soldiers ready to lay down their lives for our country formed the Kikusui Tokko Corps and carried out deadly body-crashing attacks against the enemy task force. They also landed together with a paratroop squadron at the enemy airfield at Tacloban and became a kirikomi unit that made a banzai charge.

The squadrons that remained behind in that land of pestilence endured starvation, fought bravely for an eternal cause against great numbers of the enemy, and moved the gods to tears. Fortunately, today our dearest wishes have been realized.

We have opened the eyes of the Donryu Jizo Great Bodhisattva, and we have consoled the spirits of all those soldiers who died in battle or of disease.

Donryu Jizo Great Bodhisattva, we beseech you for world peace, supreme happiness for our war comrades, and prosperity for the Japanese people.

Survivors of 5th Air Army, 74th Sentai and 95th Sentai

source : wgordon.web.wesleyan.edu/kamikaze

- Reference : Donryu Jizo -


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