Gyokuryu-Ji Pearl Dragon Temple

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Gyokuryuuji 玉竜寺 Gyokuryu-Ji
"Pearl Dragon Temple"

There are various temples with the name Gyokuryu-Ji in Japan.

Tamaryuuji 玉竜寺 Tamaryu-Ji


玉龍寺 / 玉竜寺 松翁山
Aichi. 愛知. 春日井市庄名町1012-3

Soto Zen sect.
The main statue is a Sho Kannon 聖観世音菩薩

source : www.aruku88.net


玉龍寺 - 寶雲山玉龍寺
Gifu. 岐阜県関市神野1603-1

Not related to any Buddhist sect, 無宗派
with international connections to Zen Buddhist centers

source : www.gyokuryuji.com

from the Zen Temple Shinzan-Ji 心山寺 HP
Gyokuryuuji is erected by great Zen master Bankei at Edo period.
source : shinzanji.com

Julian Daizan Skinner (Juran Daizan 寿鸞 大山),
(born November 22, 1963) is a British Rinzai Zen Buddhist Rōshi. He has also received Dharma Transmission in the Sōtō tradition of Zen. Daizan Roshi is the founder of the Zenways Sangha and head abbot of Yugagyo Dojo.

In 2003, Daizan began training with Rinzai Zen Master Shinzan Miyamae Rōshi of Gyokuryuji Temple in Gifu, central Japan. The temple was the former hermitage of the outstanding Rinzai Zen reformer Bankei Yōtaku Zenji (1622–1693).

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Bankei Yōtaku 盤珪永琢 Bankei Yotaku, Yootaku
Bankei Eitaku

was a Japanese Rinzai Zen master, and the abbot of the Ryōmon-ji and Nyohō-ji. He is best known for his talks on the Unborn as he called it. According to D. T. Suzuki, Bankei, together with Dogen and Hakuin, is one of the most important Japanese Zen masters and his Unborn Zen is one the most original developments in the entire history of Zen thought.

Bankei Yōtaku was born in 1622, in Harima Province to a samurai turned medicine man named Suga Dosetsu.

At the age of 26 Bankei went to Gifu Prefecture to Daisen-ji where Gudo was abbot.
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The haiku poetess Den Sutejo became a student of
Bankei Eitaku, 盤珪永琢, a Zen master (1622 - 1693). She built her temple Futai An 不徹庵 beside his temple Ryuumon-Ji 龍門寺 / 竜門寺, where she lived with about 30 other ladies. Her grave is at the temple Ryuumon-Ji.

. Den Sutejo 田捨女 (1633-1698) .

and temple 龍雲寺 Ryuun-Ji related to Bankei Yotaku
source : ryuun-ji.or.jp


another Gyokuryu-Ji in Gifu


This temple has been founded about 1270 years ago by Gyoki Bosatsu.

source : www.gero-navi.jp
Gifu, Gero town 岐阜県下呂市金山町中切1545

It is famous for a dragon painting on the ceiling.

in autumn more than 100 maple trees of different kinds provide a spectacular scene.

. Gyoki Bosatsu 行基菩薩 .


Nara. 奈良県奈良市二名

with the grave of Honda Tadayoshi 本多忠義.
(1602 - 1676)
He was a daimyo of Arima and other domains

History of 掛川藩, Kakegawa-han
Honda Tadayoshi, grandson of Honda Tadakatsu was assigned to Kakegawa next, and revenues were increased to 70,000 koku. However, in 1644, Honda Tadayoshi was reassigned to Murakami Domain in Echigo Province.
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